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Meadow Bridge Primary School, Hillsborough

Board of Governors

The Meadow Bridge Primary School Board of Governors, consisting of nominated representatives of the Education Authority, Transferors and elected representatives of the parents and teaching staff, has the responsibility for the appointments, finances and the overall running and oversight of the school. 

  • Miss Jacqui Townsley - Chairperson and Transferor
  • Rev. Peter Galbraith - Vice-Chairperson and Transferor 
  • Rev. William Henry - Transferor
  • Mr. James Woods - Transferor
  • Mr. Cyril Donnan - Education Authority Representative
  • Mr. Edwin Poots - Education Authority Representative 
  • Dr. Jon Silversides - Parent Representative
  • Mr. Jonny Pickering -  Parent Representative
  • Mr. David Ball - Principal and Secretary 
  • Mr. Alastair McCollum - Teacher Representative

Designated Governor for Child Protection: Mr. Cyril Donnan


Designated Governor for Well Being and Attendance: Dr. Jon Silversides


Designated Governor for Principal's PRSD: Miss Jacqui Townsley