Primary 7 - Mr MCquitty

Welcome to Mr McQuitty’s P7 class page!

We’re going to be extremely busy this term, but we’ll be aiming to showcase some of the work that we produce along the way, including photos of us in the process of completing it.

Be sure to check back to see how we are getting on!

Scratch Animations

P7 are in the early stages of recreating the Apollo 11 moon landings using Scratch.


Here they can be seen creating the stages and sprites that they are going to animate using code!

High Five Friday

As part of the ‘Take Notice’ focus on High Five Friday, P7 explored the school grounds, and collected samples of leaves from oak, ash, willow and hazel trees, which they used as inspiration in creating badges for their respective houses, which take their names from these trees.

3D Shape Collaborative Posters

P7 collaborated to create posters explaining the properties of 3D shapes. It was great to see many of the qualities we need when working together evident in the work completed. A few examples of the finished product are included!