Primary 5 - Miss Campbell

3D Shape in Primary 5

P.5 were learning about 3D shapes. They had been trying to recognise and name lots of shapes and their properties. They then went on to look at bubbles up close and tried to draw them with fantastic results!

P.5 learn about Eyes

Primary 5 have been learning about the body in their 'Wonderful Me' topic.

They learnt some facts about the eyes and looked at a diagram which showed the different parts, then in their next Art lesson, they made beautiful colour wheel eye pictures!

Ceramics in Primary 5

Primary 5 had a brilliant morning with Andrea who, funded by the Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, taught us about pottery.

She taught the children how to make and paint a bowl from a mound of clay and the children were delighted with the finished results!

Famous People - Research Posters

P5 have been learning about different 'Famous People' as part of our topic.

They then went on to work on their own research posters of a famous person of their choice - with great results.

We learnt a lot about footballers, writers and various people in sports. Very well done P5 - you’ve done brilliantly!

Lantern Making in Primary 5
P5 really enjoyed making lanterns for the Hillsborough parade on Saturday 23rd October.

They made a lantern each from sticks and tissue paper and had great fun, with impressive results. Well done boys and girls!

Primary 5 begin Friday Clubs
P5 have enjoyed their first few weeks at Friday Clubs. They have been looking at the theme of ‘Under the Sea’ and made fantastic paper plate fish crafts!

Famous People in Primary 5

The boys and girls in Miss Campbell’s class have made an amazing start to P5. They have been enjoying lots of curriculum areas and been having fun at the same time. They launched wonderfully well into their first topic of ‘Famous People’ and have taken part in arts and crafts along with learning  facts about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American President. The boys and girls are really excited to see which Famous People they will be studying next!