Primary 4 - Ms stirling

PE – Circuit Training 

We have been having fun and building up our stamina during our PE time by taking part in some circuit training activities. We do each activity for one minute and record our own personal bests. 

The Colour Monster 

We covered a little mini theme of ‘The Colour Monster’. We read the story, wrote our own monster shape poems, explored what happens when we mix colours, created felt monsters and put together a graph of our favourite colours. 

Winter Trees 

Our theme this term is ‘A Winter Wonderland’. We started by studying the shapes of the trees in our playground and then using just a few colours of paint we created out winter tree silhouettes. 

Here We Are
In P4 we have been reading the book ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have been finding out about the author,  thinking about what life would be like in space and exploring what we all need to survive and considering how amazing this planet is.

Primary 4 study Tangrams

We had fun using tangram puzzle pieces to make four different rocket patterns.

We are going on a Tree Hunt!
For our High 5 Friday we went on a tree hunt round the playground to find four specific types of tree - the Oak, Ash, Willow and Hazel.

These are the four special trees our school houses are named after. We identified them by matching the leaves. We then took leaf rubbings and barking rubbings and took some time out of the school day to enjoy nature.

ICT and Data Handling
We have been using the computers to do a little data handling work.

We created a pictograms of our favourite fruits.we have also been working on some programming work, sending the rocket from planet to planet.