Primary 3 - Mrs hall

‘You’ll never be bored when you try something new. There’s really no limit to what you can do.’

Dr. Suess

Thank you for taking the time to visit our class page. Look at all those happy faces! We hope you enjoy seeing the fun and exciting things we get up to in Classroom 4.

Treasure Hunt

P3H&F had a fab morning taking part in a Numeracy treasure hunt. We had to follow clues to find the number 17 which had been hidden around our school’s outdoor area. We got our detective hats on to follow the clues and had to take a selfie beside where it had lead us to. Mrs. Hall was very impressed with the great problem solving and team work that went on throughout. Well done Primary 3!

Jam Sandwiches

P3 had a lovely morning making jam sandwiches. We practised cutting our sandwiches in half as we have been looking at fractions in Numeracy. We then talked about bossy verbs and used these to write up instructions on how we made our delicious sandwiches.

Tally Charts
We have been looking at tally charts in Numeracy recently.

After reading ‘The Colour Monster’ story we thought it would be a good idea to create our own class tally chart to find out everyone’s favourite colours.

Colour Mixing
P3 were learning about primary colours and how, if we mix them we can make secondary colours. We sketched a design of a monster and then mixed some colours together to make green, orange and purple to paint them beautifully.

The Colour Monster
P3  have been looking at the story of ‘The Colour Monster’. We have been having lots of discussions around the different emotions and feelings we might have. We then decided to create our very own colour monster for our classroom.

Odd Socks Day

To mark the start of Anti-Bullying week P3 joined the rest of Meadow Bridge Primary School by wearing odd socks for a day. It showed us how we are all different but we are all equal. We then got creative and designed our own pair of odd socks.

Clay Hedgehogs

Primary 3 were making clay hedgehogs after talking about the signs of Autumn. We used spaghetti for the hedgehog’s spikes and carved into our clay pieces to make realistic looking fur.

Moira Demesne

P3 enjoyed their recent school trip to Moira Demesne for a day of ‘forest school’ activities. We learnt how to make bubble blowers by whittling pieces of wood, went exploring for different types of bugs and made dens for the variety of animals that live in many parks across NI.

Thank you to all the staff from the NI Forest School Association for planning such an educational and exciting day!

Poppy Appeal

Well done to the Primary 3 pupils who recently collected money for the Poppy Appeal.

They handled this responsibility with great maturity and were always full of enthusiasm to go around the school, collecting from all the different classes. Thank you to everyone that donated to such a worthy cause.

Chocolate Apples

P3 Mrs. Hall had a lovely morning making chocolate apples. We put a stick through our apple, dipped it in yummy melted chocolate and chose what topping we wanted to have.

Thank you to Mrs. Latimer and Miss. Laverty for helping us! We cannot wait to eat them at Movie Day on Friday. Have a great half term break everyone!

Autumn in Primary 3
This week, Primary 3 Mrs. Hall were discussing all the changes that happen in autumn. We talked about the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees, the weather getting colder and the little animals that go into hibernation. We then created our own autumn tree pictures using autumnal colours and cotton buds to dot on the leaves.  

Activity Based Learning - Space
During Activity Based Learning, Primary 3 Mrs Hall have been enjoying different space activities.

We have been creating stories with stick puppets and recording them on an iPad, researching facts to write on the whiteboard, navigating BeeBot around the solar system, designing our own rockets and making star constellation viewers.

We are always so excited for a Friday afternoon to take part in these activities!

Food of the Week

Primary 3 love Food of the Week. We get a chance to try new and exciting healthy foods, talk about where in the world they have come from and learn about the different ways we can eat them.

After we try them we like to think of different words that describe the foods. It is always a fun lesson! Here are some photos of us trying watermelon for our first Food of the Week. Yummy!