Primary 1 - MisS McCrossan

Welcome to Miss McCrossan’s Primary 1 Class!

As the newest members of the Meadow Bridge family, we can’t wait to share our learning journey with you this year on our class page. We hope you enjoy keeping up to date with all the fun and interesting things we are doing in Classroom 2!

In our class, we always remind each other to, “try hard, be kind and have fun!”

'Wee Critters' Visit Meadow Bridge

We had some very interesting visitors to Meadow Bridge today! Allan the Explorer brought us on a 'wild' adventure and introduced us to his amazing animal friends. We were so brave!

Llllemons and Lllimes

P1McC were touching, smelling and tasting some llllemons and llllimes today as part of their phonics lesson. They weren’t so fussed on them……they thought they were sour, slimy, cold and made their faces go all funny!

Super Soundman’s Big Birthday Bash!

It was bbbbbbig bbbbirthday fun for P1McC this week as they learnt their new sound. It was their friend ‘Super Soundman’s’ birthday! They made him balloons, ate buttons and had lots of fun playing birthday games!

P1 Scientists

P1McC transformed into ‘Scientists’ today! They had to test a variety of different materials to find out if they were waterproof or not. There was lots of great prediction and discussion in action…and of course lots of giggles and fun, too!

Go, go, go!

P1McC are busy learning new sounds and words to help them with their reading. This week we were learning the letter 'o' and the word 'go'. We enjoyed using our STOP and GO signs to show our friends where to ‘go’ on the obstacle course and how to ‘go’ down the slide! We also enjoyed looking through the letter 'o' shape in our binoculars for the RSPB Big Schools' Bird Watch! Go, P1!

Fee Fi Foo Fum…Lots of Measuring to be Done!

P1McC have been having such fun exploring measure with their student teacher, Mr Teggart. They have been making their own ‘beanstalks’ by working together in a ‘team’. They also enjoyed a ‘Welly Boot Toss’, working together to measure distances using non standard units. Such great precision, thinking and ideas!

P1 ‘Mathsvestigators’!

Such busy thinking happens in P1 during our Maths Investigation and problem solving time. We were tasked with fitting as many shapes as we could onto Elmer’s body. We discussed which shapes fitted best together, why there were some gaps and thought so creatively in the process. Just look at that concentration!

Twinkle, Twinkle!

Primary 1 are really enjoying their brand new topic ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and are learning all about colour and light. We have created our very own ‘Paint Shop’, become ‘STEMvestigators’ and have particularly enjoyed making Elmer toast! It was so exciting watching the colours ‘dissolve’ during our ‘Skittletastic’ science experiment - there was lots of great prediction, discussion and ideas.  We also used the green screen to pretend we were at the fireworks and created a colourful display using art materials. Shine bright, P1!

Listening Ears

We have been talking about how important it is to listen to our friends and grown ups and loved using our sense of hearing on a ‘Listening Walk’ today. Our favourite sound was the birds singing!

Christmas in Classroom 2!

Classroom 2 has been very busy over the past few weeks as we prepare for Christmas in Primary 1. We have been learning about winter animals, creating Christmas crafts and are nearly set for our very special Nativity production! We have enjoyed learning the words to our song ‘Off We Go’ and have been practising how to open our mouths wide and pronounce the words very clearly to our audience. Our acting is also top class; we have really embraced our roles as angels and shepherds. Miss McCrossan is so proud of us!

Outdoor Classroom Day!

We really enjoyed connecting our learning on Outdoor Classroom Day in Primary 1!

We took our pattern work outside and went on a scavenger hunt using our sense of sight to ‘see’ what we could ‘see’. Can you guess which word we were learning this week?

PE Fun in Primary 1

Primary 1 have been really enjoying their PE sessions over the past few weeks. We are working on our coordination, body movement and becoming aware of space.

We are also learning how to follow instructions and take turns when working in groups. Look at how much fun we have had building our gross motor skills to complete tricky obstacle courses. We have even been practising our number skills as we count ‘treasure’ during team games! Miss McCrossan is so pleased with how we are getting on!

High 5 Friday

It was High 5 Friday today and our challenges were to ‘Be Active’ and ‘Take Notice’. We are learning the word ‘look’ so we decided to wear our special glasses to have a ‘look’ around our school grounds for our Ash, Oak, Willow and Hazel trees.

We enjoyed looking at the leaves up close and decided that the Oak tree was our favourite. We love connecting our learning in Primary 1!

Our First Days! 

Primary 1 have been so busy over the past few weeks settling into school life and having lots of fun in the process! We have loved getting to know each other and have really enjoyed going on lots of adventures around Meadow Bridge.

We have been learning about ‘The Colour Monster’ and have been thinking about our different feelings, even when we feel all mixed up. We have also been engaging in activities to help build strong fingers and hands, ready for wonderful writing! 

Meet Primary 1

We are so excited to introduce ourselves as the newest and cutest 'Meadow Bridgers'!

We are having endless fun learning all about school and making new friends in Primary 1!