Primary 7 - Mrs George

Welcome to Primary 7!

We hope you enjoy looking at our class page. You will find lots of photos showing some of the work and activities we are doing in class this year. Check in regularly to see what we have been up to!

Sign Language Workshop

We had to concentrate fully today during our second sign language workshop. We now know sign language for colours, our names, the alphabet and different emotions. We really enjoyed the games and interactive activities.

The Lyric Theatre

We really enjoyed a visit from The Lyric Theatre this morning. The exciting production was called ‘A Walk is Not Just a Walk ‘ and explored themes of littering, plastic pollution and global warming. It was amazing to watch the five actors perform with such enthusiasm.

Topic Work

We are really enjoying the topic of Victorians. We looked at Victorian samplers and designed one of our own. Each little x represents a cross stitch and with these, some of us wrote the alphabet, our name or a short phrase or proverb. We especially enjoyed the challenge of trying out the skill of cross stitch afterwards.


We have been thinking about very large numbers during maths. We can now recognise, order and write numbers larger than a billion. Such a lot of zeros!


Amazing art work! We were inspired by the artist, Frank Stella. We used compasses to draw circles and put them together to reproduce a piece of his work.

Problem Solving

Lots of Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision went on in our classroom as we were aiming to make as many numbers as possible between 1 and 100 using four fours and any variety of mathematical symbols. There was a bit of keen competition included as the pair with the must numbers made got house points.

Accelerated Reading Class Prize - Pizza Treat

Reading is an enjoyable part of our school day. We were so excited to win the class prize for Accelerated Reading for a second time during this school year. We certainly did deserve it as we are very enthusiastic readers. The Pizza Treat was such a treat.

World Around Us - The Solar System

Lots of work is going on in our class about the solar system both indoors and outdoors. We are finding out about the sizes of the planets, how they look and distances from the sun.

We are enjoying using compasses, pastels and chalk.

3D Shape in Numeracy

Presently, we are very busy in Primary 7, revising all of our Numeracy and Maths topics. We worked in groups to make posters about 3D shapes. This was an excellent way to remind us of all the properties of each shape.

Art - Self Portraits

We took and printed out face and profile photographs. Then, we used our pencils to sketch and shade. Our drawings look just like black and white photographs! Great concentration was required during this task.

Primary 7 study our SUPER Rules
In Meadow Bridge, we have SUPER rules - S for safety, U for uniform, P for property, E for effort and R for respect. We really enjoyed making a colourful display about these for our classroom at the beginning of the year.

High 5 Friday
High Five Friday is a favourite for us! We enjoyed being active last Friday.